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Tariq Javed Ali

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Tariq Javed Ali

Secretary General World Ghazwa Federation Read More

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Tariq Javed Ali

Secretary General pakistan Ghazwa Federation Read More

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Mrs. Maryam Perven

President Pakistan Ghazwa Federation Read More

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Kashif Javed Chouhan

Voice - President Pakistan Ghazwa Federation Read More

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Shahid Javed

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Pakistan Martial Arts Games Committee Read More

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Tariq Javed Ali
Founder &  Grand Master & Secretary General World Ghazwa Federation ,
Secretary General Pakistan Ghazwa Federation.

Ghazwa Martial Arts the youngest sport .
Ghazwa is a modern martial art with Pakistan origin. It was developed as a self-defence system characterized by extremely high kicks. All Ghazwa Martial Arts  techniques and movements are worked out according to the bio-mechanical principles of human limbs - to be used most effectively. "Ghazwa is "The art of the kick and the punch and  Stick", but Ghazwa Martial Arts  means also "the way" to physical and moral self-perfection. In the process of practising Ghazwa  man finds out that it is a way of living as well. That refers to more of the martial arts, too.

In Ghazwa except the kicks (which are really the prime part of the system) are studied also punches, hand blocks, catches, throwings. In its program are included, of course, basic technique knowledge, sparring, forms , self-defence and others.

Ghazwa Martial Arts  is an extremely attractive sport with impressive kicks, stick. 
Ghazwa is a young martial art with an ancient history. In its modern form it was systemitized by  Tariq  Javed Ali  in 2009. At that time it was given the name Ghazwa Martial Arts.

Established _ January 01, 2009
Location _  Hasilpur , District Bahawalpur , Punjab ,  Pakistan 

Tariq Javed Ali 
(1) - Founder ( Ghazwa Martial Arts )
(2) - CHIEF  EXECUTIVE & Chief Editor
         Voice Of World News  
(3) -  Editor  
         MVN News Agency                                                                      
(4)- Bureau Chief  Pakistan 
       Daily Crime Information Date ( C.I.D ) Multan Pakistan ,
(5) - Founder & Board Of  Director 
        Media Council Of Pakistan 
(6) - Founder & Board Of  Director                                                         
      Sorts Journalist Association Pakistan

  competitions —

Ghazwa Martial Arts Is a Weapon Games . A wide range of combat methods And Uses, Stick , kicks, punches, ETC

(1) -  (fighting competition  )

(2) -  (Katta   competition )                                                       

(3) - (breaking competition  ) 

(4) -  


(1) -Urdu , 
(2) -Arabic.
(3) ـ English

MESSAGE  Founder   
To promote Ghazwa as a kind of sport worldwide, to take necessary measures in this direction and to involve the people to mass competitions in this sphere, to make friendly and fraternal relations between national Ghazwa playears, groups and schools by joining them together, as well as to add Ghazwa in Olympic movement are the major missions of the federation.

Pakistan Ghazwa Federation recognizes  Ghazwa as a cultural heritage of Pakistan, respects its historical roots and philosophy. PGF considers a priority the development of  Ghazwa as a kind of sport.

Dear Friends Martial Arts  .            

What  Is Mean Of Ghazwa  ?

 And  How  Martial Arts Ghazwa

First  :    Ghazwa Means ‘Knowledge of War’